Developing a succinct yet detailed training resource on the post-Brexit access and regulatory landscape for global roll-out across stakeholders in a Top 20 pharma company


  • Top 20 pharma company, UK market access team



  • Our client approached us with the challenge of creating a learning resource for the UK and above-country teams on the post-Brexit market access and regulatory landscape
  • While some resources existed already, they needed pulling together into a cohesive and succinct tool, with new content to be developed. And all in just 4 weeks!



  • This was one of our biggest challenges to date. Our redthread team developed day-by-day timelines to keep the project on track, and coordinated parallel reviews of multiple working versions of slides on the client’s SharePoint platform
  • We utilised desk research, supplemented by our in-house experts, to ensure the content was accurate, and reflected latest UK access insights, even down to the – at the time – ongoing NICE methods review



  • A few late nights were required from our redthread team, but the final resource reflected our signature blend of brilliant communication and market access insights.
  • The resource was rapidly approved, and was rolled out to more than 60 global, regional and in-country colleagues. redthread was trusted to deliver the roll out, presenting the resource for 60 minutes to the client’s colleagues across the global organisation
  • Based on the quality of the deck, and how well it received when rolled out, the client secured budget for future updates to the resource. It now forms a core component of the team’s UK market access SharePoint portal, and is accessible to stakeholders across the whole global organisation for training and information purposes


“Smashed it!”

Evidence Generation Manager, UK, Top 20 pharma

“AMAZING! Who’d have thought we’d be here so quickly when we started! True team effort and shows what working with the right agency for the job does!”

Access Programme Manager, UK, Top 20 pharma

“Absolutely spectacular work…we always talk about leaving behind a legacy that will be invaluable long after you have moved on from a role…this is what I am talking about.”

Head of Appraisals, UK, Top 20 pharma