Rescuing a PVP initiated by another vendor in 6 weeks to hit critical global launch timings


  • Mid-sized global biopharmaceutical company, global market access team



  • Our client was entering a critical launch phase for a new indication, with EMA approval – and launch – pending in a matter of weeks
  • They had some existing, unreferenced messaging, but required a new vendor to develop an engaging payer value proposition slide deck before launch
  • A complex clinical trial programme and statistical analysis plan needed careful communication to avoid confusing external stakeholders



  • We worked closely with the client lead to take an extremely clear brief, ensuring our team had a deep understanding of the strategy, positioning and trial programme before beginning PVP development
  • To ensure an efficient development process, all value messages and key data were agreed prior to development of full PVP slide deck. This saved our client time as no unneeded content had been developed and the team were already aligned on what was included
  • We had weekly calls, used as mini workshop sessions, to expedite PVP development and approval. And our day-by-day action plan gave confidence that timelines were in hand and that cross-functional reviews could be booked with the internal team well in advance



  • Our client received an approved value proposition slide deck in 7 weeks, from start to finish. Veeva approval was completed in 2 days, with only minor editorial preference edits required
  • The PVP was rolled out to global affiliates within weeks of approval, and our client was delighted with the success of the project, both in terms of the final deliverable and the proactivity shown by the redthread team