Developing an Innovation Passport (IP) application as the first step of the UK Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP) process


  • Clinical-stage biotech; limited/no EU capability



  • Our client knew that the ILAP could potentially accelerate time to market and facilitate the development programme for their innovative asset but did not have the internal resources to support the application process
  • Consistent messaging on the value of their therapy also hadn’t been developed yet



  • We guided our client through Innovation Passport (IP) development, helping to craft the story and flow with C-suite stakeholders
  • Since the product was still early in its clinical development, the value and mechanism of action narratives continued to evolve; close discussion with the client team ensured the final application form reflected the current positioning and value proposition



  • The IP form was approved by C-suite internal stakeholders and submitted to the MHRA by the agreed deadline


“ILAP’s an exciting new initiative that can really help manufacturers refine their clinical and access development programmes to support timely HTA approval. Being awarded innovative medicine status is also a confidence boost for manufacturers, and a great message to communicate to external stakeholders”