Pre-launch value communications materials delivered on time due to redthread’s diligent project management and proactive content development


  • Mid-sized pharma company, Global market access team



  • Our client had acquired EU marketing rights for their product but faced challenges gaining access to trial and product data for partners, including redthread.
  • Timelines were extremely tight to determine the European launch strategy and develop value communications materials to support in-country reimbursement negotiations



  • redthread proposed a staggered approach to material development to work around the data sharing challenges and meet launch timelines. With diligent project management, and flexibility in the redthread team resourcing, our dedicated project team could focus on content development as data became available
  • We focused on determining evidence gaps and developing a value proposition framework early in the project and used a modular approach to write a strategically focussed GVD. Our team addressed challenges with internal data sharing by drafting materials based on assumptions around product efficacy and safety, and as data became available, and iteratively refined all deliverables prior to approval
  • As product strategy evolved, we captured objections to enable quick turn-around of the payer objection handler after clinical data were available and the GVD and value proposition finalised



  • Despite delays associated with data access, and inclusion of new subgroup data late in the project, we delivered a large programme of pre-launch value comms and HE resources ahead of our client’s EU launch preparation meeting
  • All value communications deliverables (value proposition, GVD and objection handler) easily sailed through final approval, and we received positive feedback from affiliates on the strategic guidance incorporated into the final evidence package.