Find out how we helped our client develop an engaging and informative internal communications site to help them deliver consistently brilliant HTA submissions irrespective of someone's level of previous experience


Top 20 pharma company, UK market access team


  • Our client wanted to support their team in delivering first-in-class health technology assessment submissions, irrespective of level of previous experience.
  • They needed an internal resource to share learnings from previous appraisals, and provide support and guidance to ensure consistency of thinking and approach across future appraisals


  • This was a challenging topic to tackle. Each HTA is different, and levels of experience differ across teams. On top of that, every company delivers HTAs slightly differently, so it was important to understand this company’s approach to HTA in detail
  • First we workshopped with the broader UK team to understand what allowed the client to deliver great HTAs, what supporting information was available and preferred formats communicating that information more broadly
  • From there we aligned on developing an internal communications site that everyone in the organisation could access, and where people could find the information they needed within a few mouse clicks. redthread developed the content, organised the resources and created the site within the company’s internal IT architecture
  • We knew that HTA and associated processes can be dry, so we kept the content succinct, and themed the site based on a well-known children’s book, complete with illustrations (no spoilers!)


  • Post-roll out usage showed positive uptake, with site dwell and downloads at good levels. The site looked a little different than others in the organisation, which really helped the content stand out, and be memorable and engaging
  • Users found the site intuitive to navigate, and easy to find the information they needed
  • Based on the initial positive feedback, the client was able to secure further budget to proceed with a second phase of development



“I think it’s really great, the psychedelic colours really help with the engagement and the content really hits the right balance of informative vs fun. Everyone involved should feel very proud. It’s a fabulous resource”