Seamless collaboration with Delta Hat to deliver NICE & SMC submissions under tight timelines


  • Top 20 pharmaceutical company; UK market access team



  • Our client needed robust submission dossiers, including pre- and post-submission support for their NICE single technology assessment and SMC submission
  • The process was complicated by a co-commercialisation alliance with another pharmaceutical company, requiring extra time for review and approval prior to submission



  • redthread worked collaboratively with our long-time partners at Delta Hat to deliver all elements of the NICE & SMC dossiers with a consistent narrative across the clinical and economic sections
  • A carefully planned approach and good cross-agency collaboration via Slack meant the joint project team worked seamlessly as a single unit to the advantage of our clients



  • Compelling dossiers submitted to NICE and SMC well within the deadline
  • During technical engagement our client said they considered redthread and Delta Hat as part of their project team, and that it was like collaborating with a single agency