Close collaboration with our health economics partners at Delta Hat ensured efficient delivery of pre-launch value communications and modelling deliverables


  • Mid-sized pharma company, Global market access team



  • Tight timelines, a changing competitive environment, limited access to clinical trial data and complex discussions around the target patient population had the potential to lead to late delivery of critical pre-launch value communication and economic model materials to in-country affiliates



  • redthread were responsible for overall management of the programme of work. We ensured efficient project delivery by tracking progress against a single project plan for all deliverables and coordinating joint bi-weekly calls with the client team and Delta Hat.
  • Each week, we worked with Delta Hat to create a single status report detailing activities and actions across all project workstreams
  • Behind the scenes, we set up a secure SharePoint to share resources with Delta Hat and communicated via Slack and Teams calls to ensure that Delta Hat were informed of feedback from value comms workstreams that could impact model development and that we understood the nuances of model development as access strategy evolved



Close collaboration between redthread and Delta Hat saved our client time, supported efficient model development and ensured that value communication materials contained clear strategic guidance on how to use models to support access negotiations.