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Nick Leach

Founder and Managing Director

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Steve Horsburgh


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Mary Baker

Senior Writer

Rosie - redthread
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Rosie Greatrex

Senior Writer

Kathy has shoulder length brown hair and is wearing a light blue shirt.
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Kathy Kelly

Senior Writer

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Andria Pelava


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Brette Chapin


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Emma Garrell

Project Manager

  • Nick Leach

    Founder and Managing Director

    With over a decade in market access and value communications – and wanting to build a truly people-focused agency – Nick founded redthread in early 2020.

    Before redthread, Nick worked across a broad range of global and in-country access and communications initiatives. From payer value propositions and global value dossiers to advanced budgetary notifications and in-field materials, and everything in between. If it’s value communications or market access, Nick’s written it.

    His niche is in finding clear payer stories where others can’t, and in providing strategic and communications support for UK market access team (particularly in haematology and oncology). Supporting global and UK teams in navigating the pre-launch period (from pivotal trial protocol sign-off to reimbursement) is another area where Nick particularly enjoys supporting clients.

    When he’s not advising clients, or supporting his team, Nick’s a keen runner and an avid potter (ceramics, not magic!). And while words are easier to control than flux and glazes, it’s a welcome opportunity to express some visual creativity away from PowerPoint.

    Talks about: running, early dialogue and scientific advice, story telling, mountain marathons, pottery, client services, agency leadership

    Specialties: anything that involves finding a story in complex data, early dialogue and scientific advice, value propositions, objection handling, UK reimbursement/HTA strategy

    Recent therapy areas: breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, multiple myeloma, depression, kidney disease, hereditary angioedema, uterine fibroids

  • Steve Horsburgh


    Steve joined redthread as an Account Director in 2022, where his role focuses on ensuring that our team deliver brilliant work that meets our client’s goals. With over five years’ market access writing and project leadership experience, Steve can handle it all; whether that’s making sure a deliverable hits the client’s objectives or ensuring that we’re meeting timelines across several workstreams. Having worked on a variety of indications, particularly within oncology, Steve has a wealth of experience of developing impactful value communications at UK, European, and global levels.

    When he isn’t operating as a client services and managerial powerhouse, Steve likes to watch ‘80s sci-fi films with his cats; he’ll enthusiastically talk about either at length…if you let him.

    Talks about: his cats (Odie and Clio), the merits of different cuts of Blade Runner, project delivery, exercise-induced injuries, the perfect pizza

    Specialties: payer value propositions, global value dossiers, targeted literature reviews, HTA submissions

    Recent therapy areas: multiple myeloma, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, follicular lymphoma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

  • Mary Baker

    Senior Writer

    Meticulous, thorough, and one of the best writers we have, Mary joined the redthread team in 2021. With as much of a flair for visual slide presentation as writing HTA submissions and global value dossiers, Mary’s flexibility of writing style is something our clients really value.

    Mary is brilliant at thinking about who each written deliverable is for, and writing specifically for them (and no one else). From NICE dossier to blog post to slide deck and back without a sweat. Mary’s core skills lie in the development of market access and value communications from both UK and global perspectives. She’s also developed US access materials and peer-reviewed publications.

    When Mary’s not crafting well-referenced and impactful value communications, she gives Monty Don a run for his money with her inspiring gardening skills.

    Talks about: plants (ad nauseam), cake, really cool innovative medicines, green technologies

    Specialties: health technology assessments (for NICE and SMC), global value dossiers, payer value propositions, interactive/adaptive value stories

    Recent therapy areas: oncology (breast cancer, neuroendocrine tumours, non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, follicular lymphoma), hereditary angioedema, diabetes, overweight and obesity

  • Rosie Greatrex

    Senior Writer

    Rosie brings over 20 years of writing and editing experience across a wide range of deliverables and disease areas. Over the last 10 years, she has focused on developing global, payer-centric communications, working closely with global market access clients to understand and address payer and other stakeholder needs. Rosie prides herself on her attention to detail and eye for consistency and is committed to maintaining high editorial standards and providing writing and editing training.

    When not developing clear and compelling evidence-based value communications, Rosie helps to run her local Brownie pack. She also volunteers at forest school where she can be found creating epic dens, building rope bridges, and hunting for bugs (although we know that she’s only really there for the toasted marshmallows!).

    Talks about: baking, volunteering with Girlguiding, helping out at forest school, city breaks, giving back to worthwhile causes

    Specialties: global market access materials, global value dossiers, payer value propositions, global value stories, objection handlers, HTA submissions

    Recent therapy areas: kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, diabetes, non-small cell lung cancer, lupus, ophthalmology, IVF, uterine fibroids

  • Kathy Kelly

    Senior Writer

    Kathy joined redthread as a Senior Writer in 2022 and has 5 years’ experience working as a market access writer. In her prior life she was an NHS doctor for 4 years, so there aren’t many disease areas that she isn’t familiar with.

    Working in the NHS has also given Kathy an insight into patients’ perspectives on the impact of their disease and an insider’s knowledge of how the UK healthcare system works and the pressures that healthcare professionals are under. Having communicated regularly with both healthcare professionals and patients, she is also aware of the language to use that resonates best with both groups. She prides herself on her ability to tackle any project and move seamlessly between the different types and will approach all projects with enthusiasm and an eye for detail to ensure the work she produces is impactful and tailored to you.

    When Kathy’s not delivering work for our clients, she enjoys playing with her three wonderful (if slightly energetic) children, going for long (preferably mountainous) walks and reading a book (provided it’s fiction). But not all at the same time.

    Talks about: her kids, the pros and cons of different soft-plays, house renovations (on to number 4) and books.

    Specialties: global value dossiers, payer value propositions, HTA submissions, systematic literature reviews

    Recent therapy areas: anaemia due to chronic kidney disease, bladder cancer, HIV, major depressive disorder, post-partum haemorrhage

  • Andria Pelava


    Bilingual and as happy in the air as on the ground, Andria’s innate order and method make her both a clear communicator and an excellent project manager. Our clients love Andria’s organisational ability, attention to detail, and her ability to grasp and communicate complex scientific concepts.

    Besides her brilliant writing, Andria is also a skilled aerialist. If you ask nicely, she may write your next GVD while six feet off the ground. Andria is also a trained mental health first-aider.

    Talks about: bouldering, aerial gymnastics, dogs, writing in a second language, wellbeing, mental health

    Specialties: global and UK market access materials, payer value propositions, global value dossiers, in-depth literature reviews, HTA submissions

    Recent therapy areas: acute myeloid leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, follicular lymphoma, breast cancer, diabetes, kidney disease

  • Brette Chapin


    Brette joined redthread as a Writer in 2023 and brings 2 years’ experience working as a market access writer. She prides herself on her eye for detail and her meticulous approach to her work. She loves spending time gaining a deep understanding of the therapy area she working in, and what our clients need. And she strives to develop value communications from a foundation of understanding and insight in order to best serve our clients. Brette also loves that her work allows her to serve patients indirectly.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Brette enjoying some fresh air on a walk, or curled up on the sofa with her cat and a book or crochet hook.

    Talks about: her cat, books, crocheting, and the patient perspective

    Specialties: payer value propositions, global value dossiers, targeted literature reviews, HTA landscape assessments

    Recent therapy areas: malnutrition and medical nutrition, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, rare diseases

  • Emma Garrell

    Project Manager

    Emma joined redthread as a Project Manager in 2022, bringing over 5 years’ experience in managing workloads over multiple busy teams. She focuses on making sure our writing and consulting teams have everything they need to deliver our signature blend of brilliant writing and market access expertise for our clients. She also makes sure that our clients are kept up to date on timelines, so they never have to wonder when the next deliverable might be landing in their inbox (or SharePoint folder).

    When she isn’t co-ordinating behind the scenes ,Emma loves curling up on the sofa with her cat for a TV series binge, and when the Scottish weather allows going for walks around her local area…mysteriously these walks all seem to finish in a cake shop!

    Talks about: Her cat (Odin) and the many other cats she knows, recently sampled cake and food from local restaurants, gigs and concerts.

    Specialties: scheduling and workload management; process improvement; proof-reading and data checking.

Better teams, not bigger teams

Frustrated when teams in big agencies don’t talk to each other, or when specialist agencies don’t collaborate effectively?

That’s not us.

You should expect brilliant results whether you work with one agency or many.

So we’ve partnered with likeminded people to build you a better team, not a bigger team. An intelligent network of experts that delivers better outcomes than larger consultancies.

“The redthread team have provided fantastic support in developing our global value communication materials for our upcoming orphan drug launch. They provide excellent thought partnership and insight on the communication strategy and the resultant materials were completed diligently and to a high quality.”

Global Market Access Manager

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Our Partners

We only partner with agencies who have real expertise, and can bring their decisive thinking to your challenges.

Delta Hat

Delta Hat are health economists and statisticians who focus on the technical aspects of evidence-based medicine and health technology assessment – from meta-analysis to cost-effectiveness modelling, and everything in between.


MArS is a hands-on, German-speaking consultancy with years of experience in planning, filing and negotiating in the three D-A-CH countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • "It's not often you find a company that fits with your personal values, people that you get along with, and a healthy work-life balance. redthread is all these and so much more"

    Andria Pelava, PhD | Market Access Writer

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We’re always looking for great people who share our attitude and outlook. And who want to join a team that always strives to make a difference.

Find out more about life at redthread

Working with us isn’t for everyone. But we work hard to create an environment that supports our team.

Join the team

We’re always looking for great people who share our attitude and outlook. And who want to join a team that always strives to make a difference.

Find out more about life at redthread

Working with us isn’t for everyone. But we work hard to create an environment that supports our team.